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  • Customized Training Solutions

    We tailor our approach to your organization’s unique needs. Choose from online training, classroom training, or on-site training and sign up today. What course should you take? All services are selected based on our vast experience of providing customized solutions that will work for you.

  • Safety Solutions Made Simple

    We simplify the complexities of making a safety program that works for you. Our simplified approach helps ensure that your safety programs will remain effective. We offer a variety of safety compliance services and also safety training classes to help you comply with safety regulations.

  • Hazardous Materials Management

    Whether it’s handling, storing, transporting, or disposing of hazardous materials and wastes, we can help you do it all. From HAZWOPER to RCRA, Fire Code Compliance to DOT, IATA, and IMDG we help you every step of the way. Learn more about our Hazardous Materials Business Plans (HMBP) or enroll in one of our classes today.

  • Manufacturing & Industrial Safety Training

    Getting in front of your safety compliance needs is one of our goals for your safety program. If you are working in an industrial environment, where accidents are more likely to occur, we prevent problems before they happen. See how our Industrial Safety Training classes can help.


How We Do That

Our Philosophy

“Our passion for the safety and health of our employees, clients and our community drives us to be the premier provider of innovative systems-based safety solutions that are simple, customized and proactive.”

We Succeed Because

  • SCM Safety is large enough to meet your needs & small enough to care.
  • SCM Safety offers customized and proven solutions.
  • SCM Safety is a leader in offering proactive safety solutions.
  • SCM Safety solutions are simple and easy to implement.

We Succeed Where Others Fail

You have safety and compliance needs, we provide proven and effective solutions. We have been the premier provider of safety solutions for over two decades. Our team of professionals are some of the best trainers and consultants who have direct industry expertise and can quickly and effectively work with you to implement what you need. Our programs provide you with the necessary elements to achieve compliance and to go beyond to provide a safe and healthy work environment. To find out how SCM Safety can assist you, request a complimentary phone consultation.

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Written Safety Programs

Don’t wait till the OSHA, CUPA or Fire Department inspector is at your door, or the accident has already happened. We offer the best in OSHA, DOT, and RCRA compliant written programs. We can consult with you to implement programs that will keep you ahead of the compliance curve.

Hazardous Materials Compliance Programs

We are the experts in hazardous materials (HAZMAT) and hazardous waste compliance programs and literally wrote the book on HAZWOPER. From developing your hazardous materials business plans (HMBP), to training your staff in proper storage, disposal and response procedures, we can get you what you need.

Outsourced Safety Office Solutions

For those organizations who have full time safety needs but who don’t need full time safety staff, we offer a unique outsourced solution where our team of professional safety staff can become your safety management experts and help develop and implement your safety management programs and enhance your safety culture.

Safety Assessments & Audits

OSHA and ANSI compliant assessments and audits are conducted by a team of experts with broad based expertise in regulatory compliance, safety management systems (such as VPP, OHSAS 18001, and ANSI Z10), risk assessments, and safety culture.