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Safety Compliance Management, Inc.Many people refer to medical assistance other than providing CPR and/or using an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) as First Aid. In reality, it is actually Second Aid. If someone was bleeding from their arm, but was unconscious and needed CPR, you would not treat the wound first, would you? Of course not. What else do you know about Second Aid? Take this quiz to find out.
1.  When you are about to assist someone who is sick or injured, one of the first considerations should be Universal Precautions, or putting a barrier between you and anything that could contaminate you. Which of the following are good to have as protective barriers?
A.  Gloves for you to wear.
B.  A plastic bag, or sandwich bag (useful when gloves are not available).
C.  Depending on the circumstance, possibly safety glasses and face protection.
D.  All of the above.
E.  Only A and C are protective barriers.
2.  Your coworker has cut their arm and it is bleeding. You gave them some sterile dressings from the first aid kit to hold on the wound and they have elevated their arm, but the blood is soaking through the dressings. What do you do?
A.  Give them more dressings to put on over the soaked dressings.
B.  Take the dressings off, and then apply fresh dressings.
C.  There is nothing more you can do, get them to a doctor for stitches.
D.  Apply a tourniquet.
3.  You are at a construction site. Someone was using a nail gun and has accidently hit a coworker with a nail. It is impaled in their leg. What do you do?
A.  Irrigate the area with water and pull out the nail. Then get them to a doctor.
B.  Pull out the nail, and cover with a sterile dressing. Then get them to a doctor.
C.  Leave the nail in place. Stabilize it so that it does not move or cause further harm. Then get them to a doctor.
D.  You don’t need to do anything. It’s just a nail.
4.  It’s a warm summer day, and you are working on a crew outside. After a few hours, your coworker starts acting strangely and seems confused. He’s complaining of being hot and is sweating profusely. In fact, he’s soaked with sweat. What should you do?
A.  Get him into the shade.
B.  Give him cool water to drink.
C.  Remove heavy, hot clothing.
D.  If he does not seem to get better soon, take him to the doctor.
E.  All of the above except C.
F.  All of the above.
5.  The acronym for how to assess and help someone that may be having a stroke is “FAST.” What does it stand for?
A.  Facial Drooping, Arm Weakness, Speech Difficulty, Time to Call 911.
B.  Facial Drooping, Actions Confused, Small-Dilated Eyes, Teeth Clenching.
C.  Feet Tremors, Arm Weakness, Small-Dilated Eyes, Time to Call 911.
D.  Feet Tremors, Arm Weakness, Speech Difficulty, Time to Call 911.
Bonus Question:
6.  What can you do to help an adult or older child who is choking?
Quiz Answers:
1.  D
2.  A  (Note: tourniquets are seldom required)
3.  C
4.  F
5.  A
6.  First, try to help them help themselves by asking them to cough. Sudden coughing may help them to expel whatever they are choking on. If that does not work a proven method is to use the Heimlich Maneuver. The purpose is to use the diaphragm to expel whatever they are choking on in a sudden gust of air. Circle the person with your arms. Clench your fists between the person’s navel and rib cage, and quickly thrust inward and upward. Continue doing the Maneuver until the item is expelled.
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