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The month of October is traditionally Fire Prevention and Safety Month, sponsored by the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA). The month of October is chosen because that is when the Great Chicago Fire occurred in 1871. For the past few years, it is the month when the State of California, where SCM is headquartered, experiences some pretty major fires.

What do you know about fire safety and prevention? Test yourself with our quiz and see what you know. Answers will be in the column to the right.

1.  An NFPA diamond (pictured above) sits on the outside of a business to inform responding firefighters of the level of hazards inside the business. Which of the below would represent the highest fire hazard?
A.  A 0 in the yellow diamond.
B.  A 1 in the blue diamond.
C.  A 0 in the red diamond.
D.  A 4 in the red diamond.

2.  You probably have a fire extinguisher somewhere at your work place. It is required to be serviced annually. How often is it required to be inspected?
A.  Weekly.
B.  Monthly.
C.  Quarterly.
D.  Annually.

3.  SCM often serves bagels at our training classes, so we have a bagel toaster in our training room. If that toaster catches on fire, which of the below extinguisher ratings should be used to extinguish the fire?
A.  2-A:20-B:C
B.  1A-10:B:C
C.  D
D.  Just pour water on it.
E.  All of the above.
F.  A, B, but not C or D.

4.  What type of materials does a class D fire extinguisher put out, if they were on fire?
A.  Ordinary combustibles, like paper.
B.  Electrically powered materials, like the bagel toaster.
C.  Flammable liquids, like solvents.
D.  Flammable metals, like magnesium.
5.  Speaking of Fire Extinguishers, per the OSHA regulation how often do you need to be trained to use one?
A.  Annually.
B.  Every 2 years.
C.  Every quarter.
D.  There is no training requirement.
Bonus Question:
6.  Electrical fires are very common. What are some ways to prevent electrical fires?
1. D
2. B
3. F
4. D
5. A
6 (Bonus)
Extension cords should not be used in place of fixed wiring and should only be used for temporary purposes.
Multi-plug adapters should not be used unless provided as part of a fused power strip. They must be plugged directly into an approved receptacle.
Electrical cords should not be placed under carpets or through doorways.
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