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The month of October is the traditional Fire Prevention Month, which is in honor of the Great Chicago Fire of 1889.  In the past we have written many safety tips on Fire Safety and Prevention.  Today, we are offering this quiz.  Test yourself and see how much you know.  The answers to the quiz will be in the lower portion of the right column.
1.  According to the NFPA, what is the leading cause of residential fires?
A.  Cooking and kitchen fires.
B.  Heating equipment (fireplaces, heaters, furnaces, etc.).
C.  Electrical sources.
D.  Children playing with matches.
2.  Approximately how many fire-related civilian (not fire service personnel) fatalities occurred in 2017, the most recent year for which the NFPA has data?
A.  2794
B.  10,692
C.  3,400
D.  353
3.  How many non-residential fires (businesses and occupational settings) occurred in 2016, per US Fire Administration?
A.  50,675
B.  96,800
C.  25,000
D.  108,975
4.  What was the recorded cause of those office building-related fires?
A.  Electrical sources.
B.  Heating sources.
C.  Cooking sources.
D.  Arson.
5.  What was the total fire loss in 2017?
A.  $10,817,500.00
B.  $5,379,400.00
C.  $1,700,000
D.  $23,000,000,000.00
Bonus Question:
6.  How often did a fire department in the U.S. respond to a fire in 2017?
A.  Once every 63 seconds.
B.  Once every 24 seconds.
C.  Once every 17 seconds.
D.  Once every 92 Seconds.
The National Fire Protection Administration (NFPA) offers free information, posters, and data for your use.  You can find it through the NFPA Public Education link to the right.  While it may seem that we talk about fire prevention often in our safety tips, maybe this quiz has highlighted some of the reasons why.
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1.  The answer is A.  Cooking is the leading cause of fires in the use, at a little over 50% for residences, and at just under 30% for commercial fires.  We recommend you follow the public education link, to learn more.
2.  The answer is C.  This number is up 9.6% from 2008!
3.  The answer is B.  There were 96,800 fires in non-residential work places in 2016.  While this pales in comparison to the number of fires in residences, it still is a tragic number for business owners.
4.  The answer is C.  Cooking is also a leading cause of fires in businesses (non-residential)! Teaching your workers what to do when using cooking equipment at work is important!
5.  The answer is D.  There was a staggering $23 billion dollar fire loss in the US in 2016!
6.  The answer is B.  A U.S. Fire Department responded to a fire on the average of once every 24 seconds! This reinforces that fire safety and prevention is an important lesson that we should not overlook.
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