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PPE – The Weak Link

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is something almost all of us wear upon occasion.  You may need to put on gloves to give first aid to someone with a cut, or you may be required to wear a special suit with a supplied air respirator to enter a [...]

From Deficits to Possibilities

Today’s Safety Tip is taken from the Safety Differently website, operated by SCM and Reflect Consulting Group’s Ron Gantt.  It was written by Daniel Hummerdal, a contributor to Safety Differently and an SCM friend and [...]

Active Shooter- Run, Hide, Fight

You may be aware that last week, an active shooter incident occurred at the YouTube offices in San Bruno, CA.  Three people were wounded before the shooter took her own life.  Sadly, this is becoming a common occurrence and a reasonably [...]

Safety Video Fun

Yesterday was April 1st, often called “April Fool’s Day,” a day of playfulness and pranks.  Between the end of March and the middle of April, it is also the traditional time of Spring Break.  At Safety Compliance Management [...]

SCM Safety Newsletter

Spring 2018- SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER Here’s our quarterly blog from Ron Gantt, now heading SCM’s new division, Reflect Consulting Group. “They tell us to do these things, but they don’t want to know how we get them done.” Others in [...]

The Beryllium Deadline

March 12, 2018, just last week was a milestone date for employers in industries whose employees are exposed to beryllium.  On March 12 of this year, it was required that employers must have met some of the elements of a newly updated Beryllium [...]

The Missing 1%

When determining the acceptable oxygen levels for confined space entry or any other area where atmospheric hazards may be a concern, most people default to a range, 19.5% to 23%.  This is, after all, what OSHA says is the acceptable entry [...]

What’s Wrong in the Picture?

How many hazards can you find in the picture below?  Our construction experts found at least 3, maybe more…  Take a look and test your observation skills. We made a list of our top three hazards at the bottom of the column to the right. [...]

Hazardous Communication Quiz

Hazardous Communication is not the real term that is identified in the regulation, but it is one that is often used incorrectly by many.  If you were to look up its’ definition you might see that it actually means a dangerous message. [...]


If we were to be honest, we could admit that there might be some people we are just not compatible with.  They just “rub us the wrong way” or “get under our skin.”  Whatever the phrase we use to describe it, there are [...]

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