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What’s Wrong in the Picture?

            How would you fix this problem?     We will admit that the issue in this picture is rather obvious. There is a sign that reminds employees to keep cylinders chained at all times. But the [...]

Who’s Responsible Quiz

            When looking at regulations and OSHA related documents, you might see terms that identify persons with certain responsibilities at work sites. Do you know what they all are and what the OSHA definition [...]

Taking Your Work Home

          At a recent training program, we asked the group of more than 40 electricians what incidents and/or accidents they had seen lately. Many related stories about electrical incidents, from witnessing arc flashes [...]

Don’t Sweat It!

          SCM was providing safety support during a large maintenance operation at a chemical plant. As part of the operation, workers had to enter empty tanks to repair and clean them. The workers suited up in chemical [...]

Why Learn CPR?

                  There is a story that goes with today’s picture. This picture of part of an airplane was taken by SCM and Reflect Consulting Group’s Ron Gantt on Thursday, May 2nd. Ron [...]

SCM Safety Newsletter Spring 2019

            The Goal of Investigating Accidents and Incidents Photo Credit: Market Business News               Do you remember a few weeks ago when Facebook was “down” or [...]

An Easter Egg Hunt

            Yesterday was Easter Sunday. Many people across the U.S. did things with eggs. Some people gave out baskets full of chocolate eggs and colorful marshmallow chicks, also known as “Peeps”. The [...]

Spring Cleaning

          Did you participate in Spring Cleaning? The weather changes, so you can finally take linens outside to air them out. You do a thorough cleaning of your home, looking to make sure all is clean and in its’ [...]

Nobody Did It

            You supervise a crew of two other people. At the start of the shift, you inform them that a particular task must be accomplished by the end of the shift. At the end of the day, your crew has gone home, [...]

What’s in these pictures?

            Sometimes we have the best of intentions with our message.  We want to encourage people to be safe.  And yet, the message becomes confusing.  Here’s an example:           [...]

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