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Safety Differently

Some of you may be aware that there is a blog site online entitled Safety Differently.  Recently, management of the site was taken over by Ron Gantt of SCM and Reflect Consulting.  In a posting from last week, Ron explained the purpose of the [...]

Record Breaking Flu Season

Recently, the popular rapper, Drake, canceled concerts in Miami, reportedly because he had the flu. At the time, it was said that he had a serious illness.  This should remind all of us that the flu is a serious illness and should not be taken [...]

What’s Wrong in this Picture?

  What’s wrong in this picture?   SCM Highlights   2018 Training Dates: * Send 3 or more, get a discount! A few seats left!  Hurry to register!  October 5: 8 hour Refresher $159 Register here December 7: 8 hour Refresher $159 [...]

Fall 2018 Safety Newsletter

Disaster Psychology: Part 2 – Behavior-Based Disaster Planning In last week’s safety tip, we introduced the topic of disaster psychology and made the point that research in human responses to disasters and emergency scenarios suggests that the [...]

The Myth of Panic: Part I

September is traditionally National Disaster Preparedness Month, during which, SCM typically dedicates a safety tip to the importance of emergency planning.  While that is very important, one of the first steps of emergency preparations and [...]

Mesothelioma and Mick

This past Friday, September 7, 2018, was the memorial service for Michael “Mick” Harwood, beloved uncle of the SCM Gantt family.  Mick was a carpenter for most of his 78 years.  In the last few months of his life, Mick was diagnosed [...]

What Inspection?

It is the employer’s responsibility to provide a safe work place.  This is the reason that OSHA requires that some equipment common to most workplaces be inspected.  Do you know what must be inspected and how often the inspections should [...]

Spontaneous Combustion

Can some products really spontaneously combust?  There may be some products in your company’s shop and/or in your own garage that could.   Watch this video to learn more: Linseed Oil and Spontaneous Combustion   As it was pointed [...]


How much do you know about some commonly used safety terms?  We’ll give you some definitions found in OSHA regulations, and let you figure out which term applies.  As usual, the answers will be found in the bottom of the column to the [...]


Last week we provided some information regarding mosquitoes and vector borne illnesses.  One of our readers, Keith Dempsey, Senior Safety Specialist with the Toledo Refining Company in Ohio provided some interesting links regarding the hazards [...]

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