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How much do you know about some commonly used safety terms?  We’ll give you some definitions found in OSHA regulations, and let you figure out which term applies.  As usual, the answers will be found in the bottom of the column to the [...]


Last week we provided some information regarding mosquitoes and vector borne illnesses.  One of our readers, Keith Dempsey, Senior Safety Specialist with the Toledo Refining Company in Ohio provided some interesting links regarding the hazards [...]

Those Pests!

There is nothing more irritating than hearing a mosquito buzzing around you, unless it is discovering that you have been bitten by one.  But while a minor irritation is the normal reaction from a mosquito bite, it is not the whole [...]


Some of the SCM Team drove to Southern Oregon on Friday July 6th, passing through the Klamathon Fire along the California – Oregon border along I-5.  As of this writing the cause of the fire, which covers about 22,000 acres, has not been [...]

OSHA Online Filing 6/29/18

OSHA has added an online OSHA 300A log filing requirement for all employers, due on July 1, 2018. There are a few exceptions to this requirement, which can make this new requirement a little confusing.  We thought that we would try to anticipate [...]

Investigating Like TV Detectives

Last week we showed you a picture of an obvious safety violation.  We are showing it again for your convenience. Someone is in a scissor lift which is being lifted by another piece of equipment to be able to do some work on the exterior of a [...]

What Was Wrong in the Picture?

The Cal/OSHA Reporter is a for-profit subscription publication.  It is not a branch of the California state-run OSHA.  It does, however, have a broad reach in the State of California, and provides a lot of information to the safety professional [...]

Mental Health Quiz

May is Mental Health Awareness Month.  It’s not something that we often like to talk about, at least not in the workplace, but it has been said that depression and mental illness is one of the top five reasons people take time off from [...]

Secondary Consequences

Earlier this month, we showed you this picture, and asked what was wrong with it.  Most of us understood that extending an extension cord through a doorway is a violation of 29 CFR 1926.405(a)(2)(ii)(1). One of the members of our safety [...]

Failure Differently

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” The above quote, allegedly from psychologist Viktor Frankl*, highlights that while [...]

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