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Susan Lucci’s Story

Susan Lucci is a famous actress.  At 71 years old, she leads a healthy lifestyle, is still performing on stage, and is on her way to outliving her mother who is going strong at age 101. However, she did recently announce, in honor of February [...]

What is Wrong in These Pictures?

    The following picture is from the State of New Jersey website:       We apologize that the chemical formula on the bottle to the left is difficult to read.  We can tell you that it starts with NiOH, which is Nickel [...]

Space Quiz

From the subject line, you might think we are quizzing you about the latest flight to the moon or Mars. But, no. This quiz is about confined spaces.  What is the difference between a permit-required confined space and a non-permit required [...]

Addiction Related Fatalities

OSHA recently released a statement proclaiming that in 2017 workplace fatalities were down from 3.6 to 3.5 percent.  Much of this was due to fewer crane accidents, and fewer workplace related fatalities in manufacturing.  That is good [...]

PFAS – One Worker’s Story

A worker was removing shingles from a church roof.  He was wearing a “safety harness” and had a life-line.  He leaned back as he was working along the gutter, on the leading edge, and lost his balance.  He fell almost 30 feet and was [...]

What’s Wrong in this Picture?

This picture was taken by one of SCM’s Safety Technicians.  There are a few issues concerning this exit and fire extinguisher.  What are they?  The answer is at the bottom of the column to the right.           [...]

Respirators: To Use or Not?

It seems that there is some confusion about when to and when not to use respiratory protection.  Just because a chemical or material smells bad, it might not be hazardous.  Just because there is some particulate in the air, it might be [...]

Safety Quiz

What’s wrong in this picture? Obviously, this is a multi-plug adapter that caught fire.  What you can’t tell from the picture is what was plugged into the adapter, causing it to catch fire.  We know – it was a space [...]

Safety Quiz

The monthly safety quiz has become a popular feature in our weekly safety tips.  Some of you are using them as training guides for your staff. This week, we are offering a variety of scenarios with a range of topics.  What would you do in these [...]

Quick Tips

Rather than provide a lengthy safety tip this week based on an observation for a particular hazard or industry, we thought you might benefit from some brief tips that might be applicable to all of us. Keeping the Beat: Did you know that the most [...]

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