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Spring Cleaning

          Did you participate in Spring Cleaning? The weather changes, so you can finally take linens outside to air them out. You do a thorough cleaning of your home, looking to make sure all is clean and in its’ [...]

Nobody Did It

            You supervise a crew of two other people. At the start of the shift, you inform them that a particular task must be accomplished by the end of the shift. At the end of the day, your crew has gone home, [...]

What’s in these pictures?

            Sometimes we have the best of intentions with our message.  We want to encourage people to be safe.  And yet, the message becomes confusing.  Here’s an example:           [...]

GHS Quiz

          In recent years, since the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) was made a part of the Hazard Communication regulation, pictograms and hazard statements have been appearing on Safety Data Sheets (SDS).   We [...]

Safety Differently in Action

              The following is taken from a blog written by Simon Brown and details how he applied the principals of Safety Differently at the London Luton Airport. With his permission, we are sharing how [...]

What We Saw in the Picture

              Last week we showed you this picture and asked what you saw that was right and what was not right.               Picture courtesy of ECLOSH. Michelle with OSHA [...]

Inspection Quiz

Take a look at this picture.  It is something that we have seen a few times at construction sites. What would you say is right with the picture? What would you say is not right? Picture courtesy of ECLOSH. We will have one of our construction [...]

Inspection Quiz

            What in your workplace is required to be inspected? How often?  And what is required for these inspections?  What do you have to look at?  Quiz yourself, see how much you know.  As usual, the answers [...]

Family Dies While Using a Generator

            Last month was the first anniversary of the death of a father and his seven children that were fatally poisoned by carbon monoxide (CO).  Rodney Todd was loved by all, his family as well as by all his [...]

Susan Lucci’s Story

Susan Lucci is a famous actress.  At 71 years old, she leads a healthy lifestyle, is still performing on stage, and is on her way to outliving her mother who is going strong at age 101. However, she did recently announce, in honor of February [...]

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