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What in your workplace is required to be inspected? How often?  And what is required for these inspections?  What do you have to look at?  Quiz yourself, see how much you know.  As usual, the answers will be provided at the end of the column to the right.

1.  Almost every work place has at least one fire extinguisher.  They are required for most construction sites, general industry work places, and offices.  Fire extinguishers are required to be inspected.  How often?
A.  Weekly.
B.  Monthly.
C.  Bi-Annually.
D.  Annually.
2.  Employers provide emergency lighting in some areas, including emergency exit routes, which has to be inspected to make sure it is working properly.  The NFPA requires that emergency lighting has to be able to function for at least 90 minutes. Emergency lighting has to be tested on a regular basis for a minimum time frame.  What is the frequency and time frame?
A.  Monthly, for 30 seconds.
B.  Weekly, for 90 seconds.
C.  Weekly, for 30 minutes.
D.  Monthly, for 90 minutes.
3.  Many work places have ladders, often portable ladders.  Do they have to be inspected?  If so, how often does OSHA require ladder inspections?
A.  No, they are not required.  You will know if the ladder is not working.
B.  Yes, they should be inspected monthly.
C.  Yes, they should be inspected periodically by a competent person.
D.  Yes, they should be inspected annually.
4.  You have a forklift at your work place.  How often does it have to be inspected?
A.  When the operator notices a defect, or that it is not operating properly.
B.  Before the start of every shift, whether you are going to use it or not.
C.  Monthly, like every other inspection.
D.  Pre-shift.
5.  We already asked about the frequency of fire extinguisher inspections.  What do you need to look for during the inspection?
A.  If it has a pressure gauge, whether that gauge indicates a fully charged extinguisher.
B.  If the pin in the handle is in place, indicating it has not been discharged.
C.  How close the unit is to other servicing requirements, such as the annual service or the hydrostatic testing date.
D.  All of the above.
E.  Just A and B.
6.  You probably have a first aid kit at your work place.  Is there an inspection requirement?
A.  Yes, all first aid kits are required to be inspected by OSHA.
B.  No, there are no requirements for inspection.
C.  Sort of.  There is a requirement for the Construction Industry, but the General Industry regulation does not require an inspection of your first aid kits.
D.  This is a trick question.  First Aid Kits are required to be “checked” and stocked with adequate supplies.  How will you know if the kit has adequate supplies if you don’t inspect it?
E.  No answers are correct.
F.  Both C and D are correct.
Take a walk around your work place.  What is required to be inspected?  Has it been inspected regularly or even lately?
Extra bonus points if you know how long inspections records should be maintained!
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Quiz Answers:
1.  B.  Fire extinguishers are to be inspected monthly.
2.  A.  Emergency lighting is to be tested monthly for at least 30 seconds.
3.  C.  Portable ladders should be inspected periodically by a competent person.
4.  D.  Forklifts get inspected pre-shift.
5.  D.  All of the above, A, B and C are correct.
6.  F.  Only C and D are correct.  It was a trick question!
Bonus Question:  Only you can answer this one!  But if you said inspection records should be kept for at least one year, you are correct!
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