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Last week we gave you two pictures, and asked you which one showed a safety hazard, and which one showed a safe work place.  This week we thought we’d show you the “before” and “after of each picture.

Picture #1: Before

This is the picture that we showed you last week.  Two gas cylinders, standing neatly in front of what might be an electrical panel.  And if you enlarge the photo, there are some water bottles on the cart to the left of the cylinders.  That’s at least three things we saw in this photo that could be improved.
1.  The cylinders are not secured.
2.  An electrical panel is blocked.
3.  Water bottles, indicating someone may have been drinking water in the work place.  Depending on whether you allow closed water bottles in the workplace or not, the bottles might be allowed or not.  In this case, they were, because they were unopened.
Here is the “after picture.  The cylinders are now safely secured.  They have been removed from in front of the electrical panel, and there is no evidence of anyone eating or drinking in the work area.
Picture #2: Before
Cords are a mess here.  The potential exists for trip hazards, electrical hazards, and there this creates the mental image that whatever organization is working in these conditions does not have enforce a safe working environment for their employees.
What a difference!  These cords are bundled, and hung overhead where they do not pose a hazard.  And the mental image here indicates that this organization is providing a safe working environment.
What image does your work site project?  Take a few pictures, and then see what others might be seeing.

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