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We often show you a picture and ask what is wrong, letting you identify some safety issues. This week, we have a picture for you to review. But more than asking you to list what you think might be a problem in the picture, let’s try to start a conversation.
What would you do if you were the safety person at this construction site?  Let us know.  We will provide our thoughts and some of your responses in next week’s safety tip.
Send your thoughts to info@scm-safety.com or just reply to this safety tip.
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December 7: 8 hour
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Dec 13 – 14  16 hour
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November 9
8 AM to 3 PM
You can register online through the links provided, or call our office at 925-362-2265.
2019 Calendar of classes is now on the SCM Website.  Start with this link and scroll forward to find the training you need.
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