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When looking at regulations and OSHA related documents, you might see terms that identify persons with certain responsibilities at work sites. Do you know what they all are and what the OSHA definition is? Take a look at our quiz. We will give you a job title from OSHA. See if you know who it is and what the responsibilities are. Hint: while many of the answers might sound good, one will be more correct than the other responses. Answers are below to the right.


1.  An Affected Employee or Worker:
A.  Someone who is working on a piece of equipment while it is being serviced or repaired.
B.  Someone who is near a piece of equipment that is undergoing a lockout/tagout operation.
C.  The jobsite foreman.
D.  All of the above.
E.  Just A and B.
2.  An Authorized Person:
A.  The person who is approved of or assigned by the employer to perform certain duties at the jobsite.
B.  The jobsite foreman.
C.  The person who signs the checks.
D.  The OSHA inspector who might visit a jobsite.
3.  A Competent Person:
A.  The jobsite foreman.
B.  The person who has the ability to recognize hazards and authority to promptly correct the hazards are corrected.
C.  The person who can identify hazards. They don’t have authority to correct the hazards, only the Supervisor can do that.
D.  The supervisor who corrects the hazards at a work site.
4.  A Designated Person:
A.  The jobsite foreman.
B.  The OSHA inspector who might visit a jobsite.
C.  A designated person is the same as the affected person.
D.  A designated person is the same as the authorized person.
Bonus Question:
A Qualified Personis described by OSHA has having at least one of four things that enable this person to “solve or resolve problems relating to the subject matter, the work, or the project.”  What are those four things?
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1. E.
2. A
3. B
4. D
Bonus Question
A. A recognized degree
B. A certificate
C. Professional standing
D. Extensive knowledge, training and experience
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