3 Truths and 1 Lie

 In 2021, Tip of the Week

Have you played that game? The one where someone tells you three true things about themselves and then slips in a lie. You have to guess which one is the lie. We borrowed that concept for this week’s safety quiz. All our questions have three correct answers, and one that is incorrect. We’ll put the answers at the bottom of the page for you to confirm the lies.

1. A confined space is defined as having three of the following. Which one is not true?

A. It is big enough to work in.
B. It is not designed for continuous human occupancy.
C. It has inwardly sloping sides.
D. It is difficult to get in and out of.

2. A fire extinguisher must be visually inspected monthly. What is the one thing you do not have to do during that monthly inspection?

A. Make sure the pin is in place.
B. Make sure the gauge is in the green area, indicating it is properly charged.
C. Make sure that employees working near the extinguisher have been trained to use it.
D. Make sure that nothing is blocking the access to the extinguisher.

3. Some people may be required to wear respirators. What is the one lie about respirator use?

A. People who wear respirators must be clean shaven to ensure a tight fit.
B. People who wear respirators must be fit tested annually to make sure the respirator prevents exposures to hazardous atmospheres.
C. People who wear respirators must go through a medical questionnaire/examination every five years.
D. Respirators must be inspected while they are cleaned after use.

4. Some safety trainings have annual refresher requirements. Which one does not have an annual requirement?

A. Fire extinguisher operations.
B. Respiratory protection.
C. Safe ladder use.
D. Hearing conservation.

5. Summer is coming, and it is a good time to think about heat illness prevention. Which of the following is not method of preventing heat illness?

A. Drinking a cup of water every 15 minutes, or a quart of water every hour.
B. Taking breaks in the shade of at least five minutes when the temperature is above 80 degrees.
C. Drinking energy drinks before work to keep hydrated.
D. Becoming gradually acclimatized to working in the heat.

6. We mentioned hearing conservation earlier. Which of the following is not a method of controlling harmful noise in the workplace?

A. Put a barrier between noisy equipment and workers.
B. Substitute noisy equipment with less noisy equipment.
C. Have only younger people with better hearing operate noisy equipment.
D. Wear hearing protection such as ear plugs.

7. Some of us work around potentially harmful chemicals or gases. What is not a method of getting information about the hazards of a hazardous material?

A. Read the Safety Data Sheet.
B. Look at the pictogram on the label.
C. Watch how other employees are using the material.
D. Look for the words “caution” or “danger” on the label.

If you chose letter “C” in each question – you are right! Letter “C” had incorrect statement each time.
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