FALL QUIZ – 9/23/13

 In Tip of the Week

Yesterday, September 22, 2013, was the first official day of Autumn. We thought it might be to test you on what you know about fall – not the season, but working at heights and how to do so safely.  As usual, we will post the answers on the SCM Facebook page.  But no peeking – test yourself first.

1.  As safety professionals, we try to make elimination, substitution and/or engineering controls as methods of control before we resort to other things like warning signs and PPE. Which of the following is an example of elimination of a hazard?

  1. Moving the thing that needs to be worked on to a lower level.
  2. A personal fall arrest system with a harness.
  3. Both of those are preferred methods.
  4. Neither of those are preferred methods.

2.   A yellow tag on a scaffold means:

  1. You can’t use it unless you are a supervisor or foreman.
  2. You can use it, but need to know why it has a yellow tag and if necessary, use some caution.
  3. You can use it. Yellow tags don’t bother reasonable people.
  4. You can’t use it. It has to be rebuilt.

3.  Portable ladders are rated according to how much weight (combined weight of person and tools) they can safely hold.  Which of the following is the rating of the ladder you should use on a work site?

  1. I or IA
  2. II
  3. III
  4. IV

4.  At a minimum, how often should a Personal Fall Arrest System (PFAS) be inspected by a competent person?

  1. At the beginning of each shift
  2. Weekly
  3. Monthly
  4. Twice a year

5.  The anchor point for a PFAS must be able to support how much weight per person attached to it?

  1. 500 pounds
  2. 2,000 pounds
  3. 5,000 pounds
  4. 10,000 pounds

Unless the overhead clearance is such that it is not possible, the distance from the work floor to the guardrail should be:

  1. 24 inches
  2. 32 inches
  3. 42 inches
  4. 48 inches

Let us know how you did.  And please, make the only Fall in your life the season, not something that could possibly cause an injury!

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