Hurricane Dorian

 In Tip of the Week

If you have been following the news in the past few days, you know what this is.  It is Hurricane Dorian, a category 5 hurricane that is bearing down on the Southeast coast of the USA. To learn more, click the link here.

There is so much wrong in this picture, most of which relates to it being a natural disaster. We can’t really prevent hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes or other forms of natural disasters. But there is so much that could be done to prepare for it. The time to start preparing for a natural disaster is yesterday. You can’t prepare right before it happens. You prepare as much in advance as possible.

The safety tip this week is to be prepared for disasters, whatever preparation needs to be done, as early as possible.

We also want to let those who are going to be affected by this monsterous storm that they are in our thoughts and prayers.  Please join SCM in donating to organizations that provide disaster relief.

Here are some links:

Red Cross

Samaritan’s Purse

Save the Children

Direct Relief

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