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We’ve been focusing on emergency preparedness for the past month. Because Hurricane Ian, is so fresh in our minds, we thought we could add one more disaster to our list. Hurricanes are horribly devastating. So far, Cuba is reporting at least 3 deaths. The known fatalities in the US is around 78 but are expecting more. And Hurricane Fiona recently caused great devastation for Puerto Rico.

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Flooding, power loss, and incredible property damage are all part of the tragic aftermath of hurricanes. The one positive thing to keep in mind is that it is more than likely that those living in the path of a hurricane will receive advance warnings. In fact, unlike earthquakes that strike with no warning, hurricanes can be seen approaching allowing for information to be passed along to those in its’ path.

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As the graphic depicts, there are things you can do to prepare for a hurricane, such as:
  • Listen to a reliable source, like NOAA or local TV stations, for the latest updates and information.
  • Have an evacuation route in mind in advance of a hurricane.
  • Have a “go” bag ready with mediations, food supplies, pet food, and other supplies, as suggested by the Red Cross,
  • Plan for a family member out of the area to be your information point of contact. Family will know to contact grandma or whoever you select, to let them and others share their status, location, and relay messages when local communication systems are not working.

Extended family of an SCM team member moved to the Tampa Bay area this past year. We are happy to report that they texted this morning to say that they did not have to evacuate and made it through Hurricane Ian with minimal damage. A great-aunt in Arizona became their point of contact. Because they paid attention to the warnings, and prepared in advance, this family is safe.

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