Lysol Scores!

 In 2020, Tip of the Week

Did you hear the good news? In the fight to keep the surfaces we touch disinfected from potential contamination from the coronavirus (Covid-19), the EPA recently pronounced Lysol spray to be effective. Specifically, the two Lysol sprays that have been approved are Lysol Disinfecting Spray and Lysol Disinfectant Max Cover Mist. Follow this link to the announcement from the EPA: click here.

How do surfaces, at work and at home, potentially become infected? It is believed that surfaces become contaminated by aerosol droplets that an infected person leaves behind on surfaces. When someone talks, coughs, or sneezes, droplets are produced and come out of the mouth. These can be left behind on surfaces.

This becomes important because, as people start to return to public places, and get back to their offices, reported cases of people with the coronavirus are on the rise. To stay healthy, we need to continue to take precautions.

More good news, the potential for you to touch something that someone sneezed on and then come down with the coronavirus is low. You can use Lysol to disinfect surfaces. And you can further reduce that potential with frequent, vigorous handwashing.

However, here’s some not-so-good news. It is more likely that you can become infected by being close enough to a person who has the disease that their aerosol droplets reach you. And, not everyone that has the coronavirus is symptomatic, or their symptoms are very mild. As the symptoms are updated frequently, we recommend you follow this link to review them.

Some people cannot wear masks as easily. They may have preexisting respiratory issues. They need to rely on alternate measures for protection. What can they do? They may need to continue to shelter in a safe place. One way is to wear a mask. When we first heard about the coronavirus, it was believed that by wearing a mask you would protect others if you were infected. Subsequent studies have shown, and the World Health Organization recently announced, that wearing a mask may protect you from those asymptomatic people who, not knowing they are infected, are out in public.

What is another way to protect yourself? Stay at a safe, social distance. It has become a common phrase in the past few months. Keep at least six feet apart from people who are not in your immediate household. Or, as they say in Australia, stay apart at least the distance of an adult male kangaroo (which is about six feet).

We may never return to the way we remember life before the pandemic began. But as we start to leave our shelters and get back to work and into public places, we need to remember to follow the recommendations of the CDC and public officials. SCM recommends that you follow the three “W’s”:

Wash Your Hands

Wear Your Mask

Watch Your Distance

Returning to work? Need help with your programs? SCM has compliant safety plans and JSAS that can provide required site audits. Give us a call (925-362-2265) or send an email (

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