Quiz: Terms & Acronyms

 In 2022, Tip of the Week

What do you know about some of the general safety terms and acronyms that are commonly used when talking about safety? We are going to give you a definition. See if you can choose the correct question containing a term or acronym. As usual, the quiz answers will be at the end of the safety tip.

1. This document contains written information for a specific chemical and/or compound and lists, among other things, precautionary statements, physical hazards, signs and symptoms of exposure, toxicology information, and other pertinent data. 

A. What is a Safety Data Sheet (SDS)?
B. What is a Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) plan?
C. What is a confined space permit?
D. What is a lockout/tagout (LOTO) equipment specific procedure?

2. This is a chemical other than a blasting agent or explosive that initiates or promotes combustion in other materials, causing a fire either by itself or through the release of oxygen or other gases.

A. What is a combustible material?
B. What is an oxidizer?
C. What is a pyrophoric?
D. What is an ignition source?

3. This procedure is used to carry an electrical charge to ground through a conductive path.

A. What is a current?
B. What is a circuit breaker?
C. What is grounding?
D. What is a daisy chain?

4. The weight of a material compared to the weight of an equal volume of water is an expression of the density (or heaviness) of a material. 

A. What is a flash point?
B. What is specific gravity?
C. What is the lower explosive level (LEL)?
D. What is the definition of solubility?

5. This is a chemical that is not corrosive but that causes a reversible inflammatory effect on living tissue by a chemical action at the site of contact.  

A. What is an irritant?
B. What is a corrosive?
C. What is an isotope?
D. What is a toxin?

6. The equipment (including a retrieval line, chest or full body harness, and a lifting device or anchor) that is used for non-entry rescue of persons from permit-required confined spaces

A. What is an anchorage system?
B. What is a lifeline?
C. What is a protection line?
D. What is a retrieval system?

7. These are words, pictures, symbols, or a combination thereof that are found on a label to provide information about the hazards of various materials.

A. What is a hazard warning?
B. What is a precautionary statement?
C. What is a pictogram?
D. What is a Safety Data Sheet (SDS)?


1 – A
2 – B.
3 – C.
4 – B.
5 – A.
6 – D.
7 – A.
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