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SCM is happy to announce that our safety quizzes have become a popular feature for you, our readers.  Many are sharing with us that they use the quizzes in safety meetings with their staff.  We hope that you find them interesting and informative.  This week we are focusing on general safety knowledge.  Good Luck!

1.  There are three, and only three things that determine whether a space is a confined space (not a Permit Required Confined Space).  Which of the below does not belong in that list?
A.  It must be large enough for a person to enter and perform work.
B.  It must be difficult to get in and out of.
C.  It must have a hazardous atmosphere.
D.  It must not be designed for continuous human occupancy.

2.  Speaking of Permit Required Confined Spaces, what determines when a permit is required to enter a space?
A.  When a rescue team is on site.
B.  When the attendant has to monitor more than one space.
C.  When it has a hazardous atmosphere.
D.  This is a trick question; all confined spaces are permit required.

3.  When working (repairing, unjamming, etc.) a machine or piece of equipment, when do you NOT have to do a Lock-Out/Tag-Out on that equipment?
A.  When the only source of energy is a cord and plug, you can disconnect the plug and cap or protect the plug from being connected.
B.  When making minor tool changes and adjustments that are part of the normal operations of the machine or piece of equipment.
C.  When your supervisor is watching the equipment while you work to make sure you don’t get hurt.
D.  All of the above.
E.  Just A and B.

4.  You need to use an extension ladder.  How far should the ladder extend above the level where you are working?
A.  4 feet
B.  3 feet
C.  2 feet
D.  1 foot

5.  How often does a forklift need to be inspected?
A.  Before each shift when it sill be used.
B.  Weekly.
C.  Every 2 weeks.
D.  Monthly.

6.  Which of these training programs have annual training requirements (meaning you have to have the training every year).
1.  Fire Extinguisher Operations.
2.  Bloodborne Pathogens.
3.  Hearing Conservation.
4.  Respiratory Protection.
A.  #1 only.
B.  #2 only.
C.  #3 only.
D.  #4 only.
E.  Just #1 and #2
F.  Just #3 and #4
G.  Just #1 and #3
H.  All of the above have annual training requirements.

Bonus Question:
7.  This pictogram is found on many Safety Data Sheets, and depicts certain hazards of a material. List at least 3 of the hazards the pictogram may be warning you about.   

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