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 In 2022, Tip of the Week

Whether you are driving to and from work, or driving to and from jobsites during your workday, we are all using gas. Maybe you are one of the lucky ones who can take public transportation, ride your bike to work, or have invested in an electric vehicle. But the rest of us are feeling the “pain at the pump.” We thought it would be worthwhile to spend a few minutes this week in offering some tips on how to prevent paying quite so much when buying gas, especially with a 3-day weekend and summer vacations around the corner.

The following tips can be found at, who borrowed them from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

1. Ease up on the gas pedal. The DOE estimates you are spending an additional $0.23 per gallon for every 5 miles per hour (mph) over an average speed of 50 mph. When possible, without becoming a traffic hazard for being too slow, keeping your speed down will save you a little.

2. Idle less. The DOE estimates that at red lights, you wait an average of 45 – 120 seconds. It takes about 10 seconds to start your engine again. Turning off the engine at a red light, and then restarting it can save a little gas.

3. Lighten your load. Are you carrying extra weight in your vehicle? Lightening the load by 100 pounds can save you about 1% in gas.

4. Aerodynamics count. Are you driving around with extra cargo or bikes on the roof of your vehicle that can increase the drag? Per the DOE, those larger roof-top cargo boxes reduce fuel economy by around 2% to 8% in city driving, and 6% to 17% on the highway. If you need storage, the rear mounted boxes or bike racks cause less drag.

5. Keep up the vehicle/engine maintenance. A properly maintained vehicle is not only safer, but. It can increase gas mileage. Check your vehicle’s operating manual to determine how often that needs to be done.

6. Inflate your tires. All tires lose pressure over time. Checking the pressure and ensuring it meets manufacturer’s recommendations monthly can save you about $0.02 per mile.

7. Check your motor oil. Changing the motor oil according to manufacturer’s recommendations and using the correct grade of motor oil can also improve your gas mileage.

8. Use an app. There are applications available for downloading that can tell you where the cheapest gas is close to your location such as gas buddy.

9. Join a rewards program. Some gas station companies will offer a rewards program where you can. purchase a certain amount, and then get a discount, such as filling up 10 times, get 1 tank of gas at a discount, for example. Or, in the SCM area, those of us with a Safeway (grocery store) rewards program can save money when purchasing gas at Chevron stations.

10. Pay with cash when you can. We’ve all seen it. Gas is often up to $0.10/gallon cheaper when you pay with cash.

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