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Hello, who else is surprised that we have reached the last Monday in February? It’s time for the monthly safety quiz. Many of our readers report that they use this quiz to test the safety knowledge of their staff and coworkers. This quiz is a compilation of a variety of safety topics. We’ll include the answers at the end of the quiz so you can check your responses. Warning: some of the questions have more than one right answer.

1.  Ladders need to be inspected. How often does OSHA require that they be inspected?
A.  Monthly
B.  Weekly
C.  At the start of each shift, prior to use

D.  Trick question, ladders don’t need to be inspected.

2.  OSHA defines confined spaces as being which of the following:
A.  Large enough to bodily enter to do work.
B.  Has limited or restricted means to enter or exit safely.
C.  Is not designed for continuous human occupancy.

D.  Has a flammable atmosphere.

3.  What rating fire extinguisher would be used on a flammable liquid fire? 
A.  You would use a fire extinguisher with an A rating.
B.  You would use a fire extinguisher with a B rating.
C.  You would use a fire extinguisher with a C rating.
D.  You would use a fire extinguisher with a BC rating.

E.  You would use a fire extinguisher with an ABC rating.

4.  Employers are required to have written Emergency Action Plans that have evacuation procedures. How often does OSHA require you to do an evacuation drill?
A.  Quarterly
B.  Annually.
C.  Every three years.

D.  It’s recommended by safety experts, but not mandated by OSHA.

5.  The Hazard Communication regulation requires that Safety Data Sheets (SDS) contain pictograms that provide graphic information about the hazard(s) of a chemical. Which of the following pictograms (more than one) would be on an SDS for oxygen? 

6. An irritant is a hazardous material that may cause irritation to the skin, eyes or respiratory system after a single exposure. Look at the symbols in question 5. Which symbol would indicate a material is an irritant?


1.  Answer: C, ladders should be inspected at the start of each shift, prior to use.
2.  Answer: A, B, and C. Non-permit required confined spaces are large enough to enter, have limited access and egress, and are not designed for human occupancy.
3.  Answers: B, D, and E. The B rating denotes that the unit is rated to extinguish flammable liquids. If the B rating is included, it would be the correct extinguisher to use.
4.  Answer: D, while an actual drill is recommended, it is not mandated by OSHA.
5.  Answers B and D. These pictograms indicate that oxygen is a gas under pressure and an oxidizer.
6.  Answer: C. The exclamation mark indicates a material is an irritant or might be a narcotic.
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