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Where would safety be without training? Many of the OSHA regulations require that employees be informed and/or trained on the safety procedures in those regulation. What do you know about safety training? Test yourself and see.

1. Some safety training programs have required frequencies. Which of the following must be repeated annually?

A. Hearing conservation training.
B. Bloodborne pathogen training.
C. Fire extinguisher training.
D. HAZWOPER Refresher training.
E. Only A and D.
F. All the above have annual training requirements.

2. Employee X is going to do some repair work on a piece of equipment. Employee Y is going to supervise employee X. Employee Z has some work to do near the equipment that will be worked on. Which of these employees should be Energy Control/Lockout-Tagout trained before the job begins?

A. X and Y must be trained as authorized employees to do the job, and Z must be trained as an affected employee.
B. Only X needs to be trained.
C. Only X and Y need to be trained.
D. Lockout/Tagout does not have a training requirement. No one needs to be trained

3. We all know that if it is not recorded it did not happen. Training records must be kept as proof of training. How long does OSHA say must you keep training records?

A. 6 months.
B. At least one year.
C. At least five years.
D. At least seven years.

4. Your worksite has a permit-required confined space. For someone to enter that space, there needs to be an attendant, an authorized entrant, a supervisor, and a rescue person. Who of these must be trained before there is an entry into the space?

A. The authorized entrant and supervisor needs to be trained.
B. The authorized entrant, supervisor, and rescue person needs to be trained.
C. The attendant, authorized entrant, and rescue person needs to be trained.
D. All personnel that will be involved in an entry must be trained.


5. Who does OSHA say is responsible to make sure employees have and complete safety training for the work they are going to perform?

A. Employees must be responsible to make sure they have training.
B. Supervisors must make sure they have the right training for the job.
C. Employers have the ultimate responsibility to make sure their employees have effective training and can do their jobs safely.
D. OSHA is responsible to make sure employees have the right training and perform work safely.


1. F
2. A
3. B.
4. D
5. C
SCM grieves with all those affected by the tragic shooting at the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas this past week. We offer our sympathy, prayers, and support to the families and the community affected by this senseless act.

Bring Change 2 Mind (BC2M), the non-profit organization devoted to mental health sent out this statement, which we thought would benefit us all:

“As you sit with the children in your life today, you may be unsure of how to talk to them about yesterday’s violence. The words “gun violence” and “school shootings” understandably spark fear and anxiety in the hearts of parents nationwide, but these are conversations we, sadly, must have. Here are some resources you may find helpful in guiding you through these conversations:

If you want to help those affected by this event, this Washington Post article offers several verified fundraising options:

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