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 In 2021, Tip of the Week


Before you shake your head and walk away from this picture thinking nothing is right here, let’s take another look. We will give you a little help. Part of the complete view is cut off. This picture was taken on the second floor of a house. On the other side of the railing on the left are the stairs. A painting crew was assigned to paint the ceiling and walls of a two-story open entry way on the other side of that railing.

Now do you see what we are looking at? The painting crew was innovative! They needed to be able to reach as high as 16 feet above ground to do their work. The use of a scissor or man lift was going to be difficult, because the doorways into the house were not big enough to bring the correct equipment in. The crew were not provided with the correct length ladders to access the ceiling, nor did they have a scaffold. So, they created a way to get where they needed to be to get the job done.

Did they create a hazardous condition by doing what they did? Yes! There is no question that it was very dangerous.

Now, go look around your workplace. Have you given your employees the right tools to do the work safely? Or are your employees and coworkers being innovative as is seen in the above picture? Are they creating ways to get their jobs done that may be less than safe?

We don’t recommend that anyone use the same method as the painting crew did to access work to be performed at heights. You can’t solve problems you don’t understand. The problem here isn’t that the employees didn’t care. It’s that they hadn’t been given the right tools for the job. If we give them what they need then we can trust they will do the right thing. Then you can ensure that the work is planned and performed with the right tools and the methods to work safely.

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