What’s Wrong in the Pictures?

 In 2022, Tip of the Week

While on a recent trip, Paul Gantt, SCM President and a Certified Safety Professional (CSP), happened to look in a store window. The pictures above show what he saw. To set the picture, the cords were to there to provide the electricity to some lighting for the store displays.

In all fairness, and in the spirit of Productive Safety, the people who set up the display for the store did the best they could with what they had. They needed the lighting to entice people walking by to come into the store and buy their products. The store design did not offer enough electrical outlets to accomplish that objective. So, they were faced with having to get creative to produce the needed lighting effects.

How many electrical hazards did you see?

And what would you have done differently? Keep in mind that this store is probably leased or rented space in a shopping area. Changing the electrical outlet design for the store may not be  possible.

We will give you a follow-up with our thoughts next week.

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