What’s Wrong in this Picture?

 In 2023, Tip of the Week

Do you feel this person’s pain? Can you relate? Many of us can. According to the National Safety Council, musculoskeletal disorders are the most common on-the-job injury. Back pain is expensive as well as painful. This article on Healthline states that over a twenty year period, 1996 to 2016, back and neck pain cost Americans $134 billion.

What can we do to prevent back pain? Many experts tell us that stretching before working is a big help. The Mayo Clinic offers these stretches on Youtube:

To learn more, in a couple weeks, on June 15th, the National Safety Council is offering an online Workplace Safety Summit on “Insights and Actions to Prevent the Most Common Injury on the Job.” You can register by following this link:

Register Here

And, SCM’s online safety training platform, Hazmatschool.com, has a course on Back Injury Prevention and Safe Lifting Techniques. To learn more about this course or to register, follow this link:

Back Safety Course

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