What’s Wrong in this Picture?

 In Tip of the Week

When selecting a picture for this week’s safety tip, we were tempted to use a picture from the recent Oscars award event.  You may remember the presentation of the award for Best Picture – the one that went to the wrong movie?  While we don’t know the protocol of how the envelopes with the information are handled, however, it might have made some sense to only have the envelope with the correct information available.  That would seem logical.


Having the correct information is just one step.  What if you have the correct information but it is not displayed in a logical manner?  Take a look at this picture?  All the information is correct, but the display might seem misleading.  What do you think?  What would you do differently?



ASSE Bay Area Symposium PDC:

March 8th, San Ramon Marriott.  

SCM is a sponsor, and Ron Gantt is a speaker! All are welcome.  See more through this link.
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