What’s Wrong with Cell Phones?

 In 2022, Tip of the Week

This first picture is from a published study by the University of Utah. Researchers from the University found that after a call, even if it is “hands-free” you may continue to be distracted while driving, for up to 27 minutes! You are no longer on the call, but your mind is still thinking about the call and not about the traffic around you. If you want to read more, click here.

Next, is this video from YouTube. Some of the scenes in the video are rather humorous. We though it was important to share with you because these scenarios are not highway-traffic related. They clearly show that the use of cell phones while working is also dangerous.

Watch the Video

What is the cell-phone policy at your workplace? Do you have to keep the cell phone in your locker while working? Are they banned from areas where there are high hazards? Share this video with your coworkers. Let them know that cell phone use in the workplace can be just as hazardous as using it while driving.

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