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One aspect of safety in the workplace is your written compliance programs, plans, and policies. Do you know what they are and when they are required? We find that when talking with clients, that details about written programs are not always clear. Let’s take a quiz and see what you know. As always, the answers will be at the end of the tip.
1. An Emergency Action Plan is required for most employers. At a minimum, this plan must list which of the following?
A. How to report an emergency.
B. The evacuation procedures for the site, including where to assemble following evacuation.
C. The job title of who can be contacted when an employee has a question about the plan.
D. What the employer expects employees to do during a medical emergency.
E. Only A and B are correct.
F. All the above are correct.
2. A Hazard Communication Program is required when there are hazardous chemicals in the workplace. According to the regulation, which chemical or chemicals would not trigger the requirement for this program?
A. Inert gases.
B. Hazardous waste.
C. Corrosives that are below 10 on the pH scale.
D. Small amounts of commonly used chemicals, like acetone.
3. A large bakery has a lot of equipment that is powered by different forms of energy. Which of the following is not part of a Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout) Procedure?
A. The cake mixers that are powered by a plug-in cord only. These cords can be unplugged and capped when not in use.
B. The belts that carry the cakes into the ovens. They are powered by hydraulics.
C. The ovens that are powered by electricity and fuel.
D. The machine that drops cookie dough into pans. It is powered by electricity, hydraulics, and steam. Steam is not a hazardous source of energy.
4. Company X has a research and development laboratory. It has chemicals and a fume hood. It is required to have a special plan for laboratories. What is it called?
A. Laboratory Safety Plan.
B. Laboratory and Fume Hood Plan.
C. Chemical Safety Plan.
D. Chemical Hygiene Plan.
5. When is a Confined Space Program required?
A. Confined Space Programs are required for all employers.
B. Confined Space Programs are required when confined spaces at a site only have atmospheric hazards that can be made safe with ventilation.
C. Confined Space Programs are required when employees must enter to do work in confined spaces at a site have hazards that require permits to be filled out by a Permit-Required Confined Space Supervisor.
D. Confined Space Programs are required at the discretion of employers.
6. A chemical plant has done an industrial hygiene study and found that all atmospheric hazards are below permissible exposure limits (PELs). Respiratory protection is not required at the plant. After the study is discussed with the employees, two employees express a desire to wear respirators anyway. How can the plant help them?
A. Establish a Respiratory Protection Program, get all employees medically cleared, fit tested, and issue respirators.
B. Give the two employees desk jobs or assign them to non-hazardous duties.
C. Establish a Voluntary Respiratory Protection Program. Make sure the two employees are medically cleared to wear a respiratory. Let them know to clean and keep track of their respirators.
D. Ignore the two employees.
1. F. All the listed actions are required for an Emergency Action Plan.
2. B. Hazardous waste is not covered by the Hazard Communication Program.
3. A. Machines and equipment that is controlled by plug-in cords only are not covered by the Energy Control procedure.
4. D. Laboratories are required to have a Chemical Hygiene Plan.
5. C. Confined Space Programs are required based on the hazards of the confined spaces that would require a permit to be completed prior to entry by a specially trained confined space supervisor.
6. While answer B is a consideration, according to the regulation C is the correct answer.
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