Reviewing the Picture

 In 2023, Tip of the Week

Last week we showed you this picture and offered to review it this week.

As we said last week, there’s more than one thing that concerned our safety experts at SCM. To the people working where the picture was taken, this looked “safe.”

In the front of the picture are two bottles. The larger one has a label that is peeling off the bottle. In the Hazard Communication regulation (29 CFR Part 1910.1200), OSHA gives us guidance about the condition of labels on containers, requiring that the label be legible, and in good condition. The label in the picture is about to fall off the bottle, which does not seem to be “good condition.” The spray bottle is not clearly labeled. It does not indicate what product is in it, which could lead to someone not using it correctly.

The fire extinguisher behind the bottles is also a concern. There was more than one thing that bothered us about that extinguisher. Here’s our list:

·      The fire extinguisher is not mounted, as required by OSHA and the fire codes.

·      The fire extinguisher is blocked, not easily accessible, which is also required by OSHA and the fire codes.

·      The fire extinguisher may be the wrong size and rating for the location, and the nearby materials. Because we took the picture, we know that the liquid in the pictured bottles is flammable.

Then there are the electrical cords. As we already mentioned, the material in the bottles is a flammable liquid. The bottles should be moved away from the electrical source.  And it would not hurt to tidy up the cords.

Weekly safety challenge: Walk around your work site with your coworkers. What do you see? What looks safe to you, that might actually be a hazard or “unsafe”?

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