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Are there atmospheric hazards in your work place?  Does your staff work where respiratory protection is required?  If so, you need annual testing to ensure you can work safely around atmospheric hazards. This testing ensures that the respiratory protective equipment worn will effectively keep the hazards out and away from the good air that your staff is breathing. If you haven’t had your medical evaluation done to clear you to wear a Respirator we can take care of that for you as well.

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We have a long history of providing this service to a wide variety of professionals, including law enforcement, archeologists, laboratory chemists, maintenance workers, painters, industrial workers, welders, fire fighters – and the list goes on and on.

Effective Respiratory Fit Testing

Our staff is professional, qualified and experienced in providing effective fit testing and medical evaluations. Whether you know what type of respiratory fit testing you need or would like us to help you with that, you can be assured of getting what you need for the best price. We provide Respiratory Fit Testing ($75) and Medical Evaluations ($60) at your site as well as the option for drop in appointments at our location in San Ramon, California.

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