SF Bay Area Expert Witness and Legal Consultation Services

Expert Witness and Legal Consultation Services

Are you seeking safety or environmental legal consultation for a civil or criminal matter?  SCM may be the solution.

The selection of the right expert is often the key to success in many litigation matters. The team of experts at SCM is headed up by Paul Gantt, Ph.D., CSP. Dr. Gantt has extensive experience working in a wide range of areas and is in high demand by both plaintiff and defense firms in both Federal and State courts. His areas of expertise are broad given his background as a regulator in the fire service and as a working Safety Engineer.

Paul Gantt

Safety Expert Witness Testimony

The team at Safety Compliance Management has experience in both civil and criminal cases.  Working with both plaintiff and defendant attorneys, we have experience in all aspects of cases from initial evaluations, accident causation, reports for both State and Federal courts, and testimony in both deposition and court.

Areas where the team is actively involved include OSHA citation defense, third party liability, multi-employer worksites, contractor and subcontractor activities, construction safety, confined space incidents, fall protection, hazardous materials, and general regulatory compliance including compliance with OSHA, Cal-OSHA, and Fire Code regulations.



AS degree, Fire Science. Solano College 1981.

Bachelor of Public Administration, BPA. University of San Francisco, 1988.

Master of Engineering, MENG. University of Alabama, Birmingham, 2014.

Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D., Human Services. Capella University, 2019.

Board of Certified Safety Professionals Certifications

Certified Instructional Trainer. CIT.

Construction Safety and Health Technician. CHST.

Certified Safety Professional – Comprehensive Practice. CSP.

Office of the California State Fire Marshal Certifications

Certified Fire Officer.

Certified Public Education Officer.

Certified Fire Prevention Officer.

Certified Fire Training Officer.

Certified Instructor for several disciplines.


American Society of Safety Engineers/Professionals. Professional Member.

National Safety Council.

National Fire Protection Association.

Committee Member. ANSI/ASSP Z590.3 – 2021 Prevention through Design. Guidelines for Addressing Occupational Risks in Design and Redesign Processes.

Life Member – California Fire Training Officers’ Association.

Philosophy and Approach

Unlike many other experts, all the experts on the SCM team have real-world practical experience working in the field. Serving as an expert is not our primary job. We work with clients in construction, manufacturing, hospitality, general industry in both the public and private sectors providing a range of services. These services include developing and implementing the various required written compliance programs, training employees in all aspects of their jobs, conducting job hazard analysis (JHAs), and conducting incident investigations. This real world and contemporary experience help us better provide the expertise that is required for complex cases.

We believe that expert witnesses should be neutral in their evaluations and are not hired to be advocates for any one side or client, but as advocates for the truth. Our review of the written materials, photographs, and other evidence help us identify the facts of the case based on our understanding of regulations and industry practices. Applying sound safety and engineering concepts, we work to identify all aspects of the case and always provide our advice based on what we believe to be the case, rather than what someone may want to be the case.

To that end, we approach each of our cases with an open mind, avoiding bias wherever possible. We explore all possible explanations and apply the principles of engineering and human factors. We also are expert in identifying the appliable regulatory requirements including those from Federal and State OSHA. We also have considerable expertise in the application of Fire and Building Codes and use that expertise in a number of areas including those related to premises liability. Our analysis of the evidence is often the key to achieving a successful outcome for your clients.

Areas of Expertise

In addition to Dr. Gantt, there are other subject matter experts who work with Safety Compliance Management. Areas in which our experts have worked include the following:

  • Application of Federal and State OSHA regulations in both construction and general industry.
  • Identification of custom and practice for construction and general industry matters.
  • Premises liability including the application of building and fire codes.
  • Operation of equipment such as industrial trucks (forklifts).
  • Management, handling, and shipping requirements related to hazardous materials and hazardous waste.
  • Fall protection requirements for construction and general industry.
  • Serious and Willful claims.
  • Assistance with OSHA and Cal/OSHA citations.

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