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Why employ a full time safety person when you can have an entire team of safety specialists?  Let our team be your safety team – with a wealth of specialists in written programs, emergency management, HAZMAT shipping, construction safety, and much more.

Efficiently Get Systems In Place

With Safety Compliance Management in the safety seat, your company will have professional and expert guidance through regulatory requirements, piles of paperwork, and increasing inspections.  We can efficiently put systems into place, filling the gap between the safety program you have now, and the one you want to have.

Safety Experts In Multiple Areas

This approach has been highly effective with clients.  Where one safety manager might have expertise in one or two areas, the Safety Compliance Management team has experts in multiple areas.  Do you need someone to energize your safety committee, advise your HR Department on regulatory recordkeeping, help with an incident investigation, and/or answer specific questions about the protective equipment for the chemicals you have on hand?  We can do that.

Avoid The Learning Curve

Do you need someone to review and make recommendations for contractor safety record submittals?  Provide interface with an OSHA inspector? Train your staff to respond to and clean up chemical spills?  We can do that quickly and effectively. We don’t require time to learn the ins and outs of the regulations, specifics of a chemical or how to effectively engage your staff.  Our team knows how to size up people, situations and organizations, and make reasonable, productive determinations to provide you with the highest quality of safety programs.

More Efficient Job Sites

It’s your job to know how to make your company, organization and jobsite more efficient, effective and productive.  It’s our job to help you do that in the safest and most effective way possible.


Our safety professionals don’t only understand safety, they also understand the principles of effective management. We understand that just like every other facet of your organization, safety must be managed effectively for you to reach your goals.

Whether its building a safety management system from the ground up to implementing a safety change initiative, we have the tools you need to make you successful.

People, Planning, Process & Progress

Our proven methods for safety management include the consideration of the four P’s – People, Planning, Process, and Progress. Like the legs of a chair, for a safety management system to be strong, all four elements must be considered.

Our team will work with your organization to develop an action plan that includes the four P’s. If you have questions about our safety management programs, simply give us a call and we are happy to answer all of your questions to your satisfaction.

Safety Compliance Management, Inc.

What We Do

A partial list of safety management programs we offer include:

  • Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP/I2P2) implementation.
  • Achieving VPP or OHSAS 18001 certification.
  • Developing risk assessment/hazard analysis systems.
  • Implementation of a Prevention through Design process.
  • Strengthening contractor management programs.
  • Developing safety culture.
  • Fostering the attributes of High Reliability Organizing (HRO).
  • Development of transformational safety leadership.
  • Project-specific safety management program planning.

VPP, ANSI Z-10 & OHSAS 18001

More and more organizations are realizing the value in having robust occupational health and safety management systems. These systems are proven to have positive benefits in reducing organizational risk, rates of injuries and illnesses, and also increasing employee morale, quality, and productivity. Furthermore, many organizations are requiring that contractors and vendors implement these management systems.

Identifying The Right Management System

However, the systems can often be confusing. Fortunately, our team of safety professionals is highly experienced in implementing these standardized occupational health and safety management systems in a variety of organizations. Each standardized management system has it’s own strengths and challenges. Our team can help you identify the right management system for your organization and develop an action plan based on our proven four P’s method for safety management – People, Planning, Process, and Progress.

Organization Specific Management Systems

In addition to national and internationally recognized safety management systems, such as OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program (VPP), the American National Standards Institute’s (ANSI) Z10 standard, and British Standards Institute’s OSHAS 18001 standard, our team has worked with an implemented customized, organization-specific health and safety management systems. To be effective, each management system must be fully integrated into your organization’s business processes and goals. For all of the safety management programs that we provide, give us a call. We’ll work with you to identify opportunities for integration and develop processes that will ensure continual improvement of health and safety performance.

Let our team be your safety team.

Why employ a full time safety person when you can have an entire team of safety specialists?

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