At SCM Safety, we believe First Aid and CPR training is an essential component to workplace safety.

We strive to educate your employees so you can keep your employees safe from harm and danger. From the proper use of equipment to saving lives, you can count on us to teach your employees the highest level of CPR and First Aid onsite training in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is our mission to help you keep your business safe and to teach your employees so that more lives may be saved and accidents avoided. In our classes, participants will learn how to perform CPR, use an AED, and/or administer First Aid until advanced medical care arrives. You will not find higher quality CPR and First Aid onsite training within the San Francisco Bay Area. Our experience and methods are unmatched. 

Workplace First Aid Training

Are your company employees ready to take on an emergency? Do they have the basic workplace first aid skills in order to help a fellow employee in case of an emergency? SCM will teach your employees the necessary skills to respond to, and manage, any emergency requiring first aid. In an emergency the first few minutes are critical until emergency medical services arrive. With SCM’s first aid onsite training, your employees will learn essential skills, including how to treat bleeding, sprains, broken bones, shock, and other first aid application knowledge and skills. Our San Francisco Bay Area workplace first aid onsite training will give your employees the confidence to take charge in any emergency situation.

High-Quality Workplace CPR Training

Most of our adult lives are spent at our respective places of employment. Some workplaces such as, warehouses, construction sites, and retail establishments have an increased risk of injury that may require CPR to be performed. SCM is here to give your workplace and your employees the knowledge it takes to perform workplace CPR properly. The workplace CPR training we provide will ensure your employees are prepared to handle any CPR emergency that arises confidently and efficiently. We are up-to-date will all of the American Heart Association’s CPR programs. 

Onsite And Offsite – First Aid And CPR Training

We offer First Aid and CPR training both onsite and offsite to provide a convenient scheduling option for any employee on any shift. Our onsite training will give you “hands on” training to prepare students for real life emergency situations. Our online training makes it easy for your employees to learn at his or her individual pace. Our trainers make it easy to understand and learn whether you are receiving onsite and offsite training. Call us today and make your workplace employees safer tomorrow.

We offer the following First Aid & CPR Training courses:

  • Basic First Aid
  • Advanced First Aid
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