Safety Differently and New View Consulting

Safety Differently And New View Consulting

There’s a growing understanding that the old ways of doing safety (sometimes referred to as Safety-I) may have gotten us far, but are not sufficient to help us deal with the complex problems of today.

New approaches have emerged, sometimes referred to as Safety Differently, the New View of Safety or Safety-II that incorporate the latest research in social science, safety science and complexity theory, as well as proven methods from high risk industries. Safety Compliance Management’s real world experience in applying these approaches can help create sustainable, resilient performance in your organization while building trust and a learning organization. Contact us today to learn how you can truly implement a proactive safety program!

Safety Compliance Management’s Productive Safety Interventions

  • Leadership Training
  • Human Performance Training
  • Accident/Incident Investigation
  • Positive/Appreciative Investigations
  • Appreciative Auditing
  • Productive Safety Management System Assessments
  • Safety Differently/New View/Safety-II Consulting

For information on Safety Differently check out Reflect Consulting Group

Whether it is utilizing one of our proven approaches or developing new strategies to manage your unique problems, we are ready to work with you.

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