Safety Differently and New View Consulting

Releasing the adaptive potential of people to improve work

Work is changing.

Our world is more complex than ever. The old ways of leading organizations are having diminishing returns. In the words of Abraham Lincoln, “the dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present.” Frustrated with the status quo, many organizations are looking for new approaches and perspectives to break through the plateau and achieve operational excellence in areas such as productivity, employee engagement, quality, or safety.

Reflect Consulting Group is dedicated to partnering with our clients to develop innovative solutions to the complex problems of today. We combine decades of practical, real-world experience with collaborative, evidence-based approaches to help our clients achieve their goals. Our services are adaptable to meet your unique needs.

Safety Compliance Management’s Productive Safety Interventions

  • Leadership Training
  • Human Performance Training
  • Accident/Incident Investigation
  • Positive/Appreciative Investigations
  • Appreciative Auditing
  • Productive Safety Management System Assessments
  • Safety Differently/New View/Safety-II Consulting

What we do

We offer a variety of services and solutions to your organization’s problems. Whether it is dealing with organizational change, building the capacity for organizational learning, evaluating the effectiveness of organizational initiatives, and more, we are ready to partner with you to achieve operational excellence in the areas of productivity, employee engagement, quality, or safety.

How we do it

We believe that the solution to complexity is people. Our role is to bring people together in a way that releases their ability to solve tough organizational problems. We combine perspectives from the fields of Resilience Engineering, Dialogic Organizational Development, Safety-II, Human and Organizational Performance (HOP), and the organizational sciences to develop innovative, collaborative, and effective approaches to improve work.

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Whether it is utilizing one of our proven approaches or developing new strategies to manage your unique problems, we are ready to work with you.

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