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Are you based in the California Bay Area, or in the surrounding cities (San Jose, Oakland, San Francisco)?  Do you seek assistance with OSHA accident investigations, or developing a system for future incident investigations?

Accident investigation is a key component of injury prevention and reduction, as required by Federal and Cal OSHA.  Incidents, including injuries, exposures, near-misses/close-calls, environmental releases, or property damage cases are unfortunate events… but they are also opportunities for significant learning.  Companies and businesses that do not take advantage of these situations are often doomed to repeat the same mistakes that led to the incident to begin with.

We Get There Quick

With our home office based in San Ramon, California, our environmental health and safety professionals stationed throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, skilled in injury prevention and investigation have you covered.  Our highly trained team of experienced investigators can be dispatched to your San Francisco Bay Area site, business or company with little lead-time. With professionalism and confidentiality, we will conduct a workplace incident investigation that is focused not on assigning blame but on learning from the incident to prevent reoccurrence and to find opportunities for risk and injury reduction.

The Most Effective Incident Investigation Tools

The depth and scope of our investigations and safety risk assessments will be commensurate with the severity or potential severity of the incident and the goals of the analysis identified in conjunction with the organization. We utilize the most effective workplace incident investigation tools to get below the surface explanations and identify the real contributing factors to the incident.

Confidential Reporting About Our Findings

Upon completion of the investigation a confidential report that includes our findings and recommendations will be delivered. We are also comfortable working with your legal team to ensure limited organizational liability. The bottom line is that incidents are unfortunate events. Safety Compliance Management can help you ensure that they don’t happen again.


The most effective organizations know that what you don’t know can hurt you! Risk is present in nearly every facet of life, and if you don’t proactively seek it out and manage it, it will find you eventually.

Analyzing & Mitigating Risks

Safety Compliance Management’s team of professionals are highly experienced in assessing, analyzing, and mitigating risks. Our risk assessment process is fully compliant with IEC/ISO 31010 and ANSI/ASSE Z690.3 and specifically designed to help you meet your goals. The risk assessment can be organization or business unit wide, or project specific.

A Variety Of Tools & Risk Assessment Techniques

We utilize a variety of tools and techniques in our risk assessment process, based upon the risk being assessed. These include, but are not limited to, qualitative risk assessments, quantitative or probabilistic risk assessments, fault tree analysis, event tree analysis, Human Factors Analysis and Classification System (HFACS), and Systems-Theoretic Accident Model and Processes (STAMP).

Developing  A Risk Assessment Plan

Our risk assessment process starts with identifying the goals of the risk assessment – what are we trying to find out and what’s the best way to get that information? Once identified, we’ll work with you to develop a risk assessment plan that ensures success. Upon completion of the risk assessment a confidential written report can be completed to detail findings and recommendations. Whether its building a risk assessment process from the ground up, or just providing the second set of eyes on a pivotal aspect of your business, let our team help you!

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