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 In 2023, Tip of the Week

It’s that time again, the last Monday of the month, and time for our monthly safety quiz. This month, we are going to ask a variety of safety-related questions. The answers will be at the end of the quiz, for your convenience.

If there is atopic that you would like to have covered in the safety tips, or see as a quiz, please let us know. We always want to know what you are curious about and would be happy to oblige.

1. Fire extinguishers are in most workplaces. Extinguishers are required to visually inspected by the employer, per OSHA. How often should an extinguisher be visually inspected?


A. Daily.

B. Weekly.

C. Monthly.

D. Every six months.

E. None of the above are correct.

2. Per theHearing Conservation Regulation (29 CFR Part 1910.95) there is a level of noise, measured in decibels on the A scale (dbA) during an 8-hour time weighted average, at or above which an employer must provide hearing protection to his employees. It is sometimes called an “action level.” What is the action level?


A. 85 dbA.

B. 90 dbA.

C. 97 dbA.

D. 102 dbA.

3. Before someone can wear a respirator, they must be medically cleared to wear one, and there is or are other requirements. What are the other requirements?


A. They must be trained on the hazards, how to wear one, and how to care for the respirator.

B. They must be clean shaven, so that no hair interferes with the seal of the respirator.

C. They must fit tested, to make sure the respirator fits properly.

D. All the above are required before wearing a respirator.

E. None of the above required before wearing a respirator.

4. Before working on a piece of equipment you should always make sure all energy sources have been controlled (lockout/tagout or LOTO), and there is no potential for you to be shocked or harmed during the work. There is or are some exceptions to this rule. What is an exception to using a LOTO procedure?


A. The only energy source is a cord and plug, which has been capped and is under someone’s control during the work.

B. A supervisor reviewed the work plan, and signed off that LOTO was not needed.

C. You never had to do LOTO on the equipment before, so why start now?

D. The work is only going to take 5 minutes. Why bother?

5. What is a regulatory requirement for the use of portable ladders (29 CFR Part 1910.23)?


A. Ladders should only be used for the designed purpose.

B. When climbing a ladder, you should have at least one hand on the ladder.

C. Ladders should not be loaded beyond the stated maximum load.

D. Ladders should extend at least 3 feet above an upper landing platform.

E. All the above responses are required by the regulation.

F. None of the answers are required.

Weekly discussion challenge:

How often should you inspect a portable ladder? When was the last time you inspected your ladder at home?



1. C. Extinguishers should be visually inspected monthly.

2. A. 85 dbA is the action level.

3. D. All the above are required before wearing a respirator.

4. A. You do not have to perform LOTO when the only energy source is controlled by unplugging the equipment.

5. E. All the responses are required by the regulation.

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