DOT (Department of Transportation) HAZMAT Training is required for any employee working with materials deemed to be hazardous to the public’s health and safety.

With the many scenarios in which hazardous materials are being handled it is important to individuals to be well versed in hazardous material removal, transportation, and handling. SCM’s San Francisco Bay Area DOT HAZMAT training is geared toward helping workers retain materials required by the US Department of Transportation including; general awareness training, training on issues, security awareness training, safety training, and function specific training. Any individual with a career that places them in direct contact with hazardous materials that are transported in any way is required to complete a program of this natureWithin the San Francisco Bay Area, SCM Safety’s DOT HAZMAT training courses can ensure that everyone on your team is receiving the training they need to be prepared for any interaction with hazardous materials in the field.

DOT HAZMAT shipping training courses are crucial to not only ensure compliance with the Department of Transportation but OSHA as well. OSHA requirements ensure that personnel that are working with potential threats to our public safety have the knowledge to protect themselves and the general public. Why take a chance with a certification that is so critical to your safety? As well as in the case of certification of generic drugs. The Department of Transportation HAZMAT courses ensure that individuals working around hazardous materials are adhering to the rules, methods and regulations that critical to the safety of themselves, and the people around them. Let San Francisco Bay Area’s SCM Safety provide the HAZMAT training to ensure that you have the knowledge necessary to protect yourself and others when working with or around hazardous materials. We offer customized DOT HAZMAT shipping training in person and through customized webinars. Contact us for details!

We offer the following DOT HAZMAT training courses:

  • DOT – Department of Transportation Training
  • IATA – International Air Shipping Training
  • DOT HAZMAT Employee and RCRA/Title 22 – Shipping/Hazardous Waste Handler Training
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