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 In 2023, Tip of the Week

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – most of us have had to wear it from time to time. Maybe you wear some form of PPE every work day. What do you know about your PPE? Test yourself with the following questions. We’ll show the answers at the end of the tip.

1. You work in a warehouse. Your job requires you to wear a hard hat, safety glasses, gloves, and a reflective vest. Who is responsible to purchase and provide you with the PPE mentioned?

A. You are. You must wear the PPE, so you must buy it.
B. Your employer is responsible to purchase and provide your PPE.
C. The PPE is always there. Maybe it was in the warehouse when your company bought it?

D. OSHA is responsible to purchase the PPE because OSHA is who requires it to be worn.

2. Hearing protection is a form of PPE. Hearing protectors are required when you must work in a noisy environment. Which of the following statements might be an indicator or indicators that you should be wearing hearing protection?


A. When standing about 2 to 3 feet apart, you have to shout at a coworker to be heard.
B. You realize you are turning the car radio up louder when you are driving home than when you drove to work before your shift.
C. Your housemates tell you that your TV is too loud at night.
D. All the above.

E. None of the above.

3. Which of the following can damage some types of PPE?


A. Storing the PPE in direct sunlight.
B. Wearing the PPE too much.
C. Loaning your PPE to others.
D. Not wearing your PPE.

E. All the above.

4. Most PPE has specific care and maintenance requirements. Where is a good resource for getting care and maintenance information about your PPE?


A. Ask a supervisor. Supervisors know how to care for and maintain your PPE.
B. Ask a safety consultant. OSHA requires that all safety consultants know how to care for and maintain PPE.
C. Ask a coworker. The coworker, especially older ones, know how to care and maintain their PPE.

D. Read the manufacturer’s instructions. They make the PPE and know the most about it.

5. Safety glasses often have a something stamped onto them to show that the glasses were made to meet the requirements of a safety standard. What is stamped onto the glasses?


A. ANSI Z27.
B. ASSP A92.4.
C. ANSI Z87.1.

D. 29 CFR 1910.133.

Here is your question for discussion this month:

OSHA requires that you must be trained on the PPE you have to wear. What is required to be covered in general PPE training?

1. B. The employer is responsible to provide you with the PPE required to be worn.
2. D. All the responses can be indicators of working in a loud environment.
3. A. Sunlight can damage some plastics used in the manufacture of PPE.
4. D. The manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations have the more accurate information about your PPE.
5. C. Safety glasses are often stamped with ANSI Z87.1, to show that they meet that safety standard.

Discussion question: Per 29 CFR Part 1910.132, the following training is required at a minimum:

What PPE that is required to work safely.
Why it is required (what hazards it will protect you from).
How to properly don (put it on) and doff (take it off) the PPE.
How to care for the PPE, keep it clean, and inspect it.
When to turn the PPE in for repair and/or dispose of the PPE
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