Emergency Response On-Site Training

Does your job require you to be involved in emergency response to incidents where hazardous materials or chemicals are involved? For many people, the answer is yes. You might be a Police Officer, [...]

First Aid & CPR On-Site Training

At SCM Safety, we believe First Aid and CPR training is an essential component to workplace safety. We strive to educate your employees so you can keep your employees safe from harm and danger. [...]

Hazardous Waste Generator On-Site Training

Anyone who works around hazardous wastes must have training related to their job function. Do you manage hazardous waste at your site?  Do you handle hazardous waste? Do you package, mark, or [...]

DOT HAZMAT & IATA/ IMDG On-Site Training

SCM Safety’s dedication to the safety and education of the nation’s workers reflects in the quality of our Department of Transportation (DOT) and dangerous goods training programs. Taught by [...]

HAZWOPER On-Site Training

HAZWOPER Training Our San Francisco Bay Area OSHA Onsite HAZWOPER Training (or Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Standard training) is a must for any employee or group who are [...]

OSHA & Industrial Safety On-Site Training

Safety Compliance Management is a national environmental health and safety services company headquartered in San Ramon, California. Paul Gantt the president and founder, brings more than 30 years [...]