What’s Right in this Picture?

 In 2023, Tip of the Week

Yes, we want to know what is right in this picture. The van is on a fairly busy street in Las Vegas, Nevada. It appears to be preparing to turn left into a residential area. The photo was sent to SCM by a Safety Tip of the Week reader and valued SCM friend, Mel Benedict of Flags MarketingUnlimited.

You can see all kinds of things wrong with the photo, but what can you see that might be logical to the person standing in the back of the van? Is he protecting cargo from falling out? We don’t know. But someone had a reason for this person to stand in an open doorway while the van was in motion.

You may be tempted, as you look at this photo, to surmise that this is “an accident waiting to happen.” That could be an accurate statement. But there is a lot that we don’t know about the photo. And that is where we need to be careful in our evaluation. We can’t make assumptions.

Your safety challenge this week is to do some pre-incident investigation by talking with your coworkers. See if you can come up with some ideas where the person on the back of the van is doing the right thing.


Speaking of Pre-Accident Investigation, that is the title of a book by a leading safety professional, Todd Conklin. It’s a short, but interesting guide to looking at incident investigations differently, and how to discover a better way to conduct investigations. If you haven’t read the book, here is a link to find the book on Amazon.

And here is a link to some podcasts by Todd on the subject.

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